Friday, 18 January 2013


The world hold no surprises for me any more. I have seen it all. The magic of making a new personal discovery is blighted forever. Poo or Pooh have recently become interchangeable. I remember those stories from the book "Winnie the Pooh" and "The House at Pooh Corner" that I read to my kids. Which incidentally I also found quite enjoyable when they were read to me. The pooh books have now had the primary name hijacked and used in a way, which somehow detracts and sullies A.A.Milne's tales. Playing pooh sticks will never be the same.

Now we have MC Pooh and his instantly forgettable "Funky as I wanna be" c-rap recording "Pooh-Man" which is not only part of the album name but also a valid criticism of the contents. The american rap artist who has released several bum albums all with lyrics that focus on the topics of sex, money and murder.

But the interest in pooh or poo does no stop at album recordings. It has also spread, so to speak onto paper. The wonderful "What's Your Poo Telling You?" might not be a follow up to the pooh books. I suppose it might not make it onto the list of things to read to your children either. Or would it - No its a book for adults describing different aspects of human flatulence, defecation, diarrhoea, and various faeces-related phenomena. It was authored by Josh Richman and gastroenterology doctor Anish Sheth. It includes diagrams It could be good for you to do, whilst you sit waiting to do your do do.

Now you might be thinking that there must be a follow up book to this. But you would be wrong as the book itself is a follow up.

Here it is, "What's My Pee Telling Me?" Generating waste is a fact of life for each and every one of the six billion human beings inhabiting the planet and yet, we’d all rather ignore our waste than entertain the idea of thinking about it twice. 

Josh Richman and Dr. Anish Sheth, however, put waste in the spotlight in their latest book, "What’s Your Poo Telling You?" The sequel to "What’s My Pee Telling Me?"  Which reached number two on the New York Times best-seller list. Dedicated to exposing the treasure trove of information hidden within our waste in four sections devoted to urine, excrement, flatulence, and age-old bodily myths.

My favourite Pooh quote “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.”


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