Thursday, 10 January 2013

Flushed with sucess.

A Fire breaking out on a boat is a very worrying and daunting prospect. Like all things dangerous its a good idea to have an escape route out of the boat planned. Places where boats cluster together such as marinas also pose an additional danger from fire spreading from boat to boat. Marinas should have additional fire breaks between pontoons just for this eventuality. I have seen marinas where the boats are moored in very close proximity to each other. A fire on one unless prompt action is taken will quickly leap from boat to boat.

I have frequently read stories in the various on-line newsletters, journals and forums about boat fires on the canal. Recently I saw a video of a new fire fighting technique on utube. I think every marina should have one of these ready for deployment.

On a Different Tack. Ralph Tarrant, aged 109 and 185 days, is now believed to be Britain’s oldest man following the death of Reg Dean, aged 110 and 63 days, on Saturday. What a wonderful pair these two make and they are an inspiration to us all.

And Ralph, from Sheffield says: “I don’t understand the fuss about getting old. I’m old and it isn’t that hard – I still live independently, I do my own shopping, I enjoy cooking and get out walking when I can. What’s the big deal?” Ralph, who was a keen sportsman in his youth and had a lifelong love of swimming and cycling, says: “I’ve been active all my life and I’d tell anyone that it’s the best way to be. I feel smashing for my age. My health is good and, though I’ve just recently started using the aid of a walking stick, I can still go like the clappers.”

He met his wife Phyllis in 1922 and they married in 1933, the day after Ralph’s 30th birthday. They were believed to be Britain’s oldest married couple after celebrating their 79th wedding anniversary in July 2011, before Phyllis’s death on New Year’s Day 2012, aged 102.

Ralph says: “I sometimes feel like my wife and I didn't really start living until we retired in our 60s and went off travelling the world. We did more in our later years than we ever had the opportunity to do when we were young. Capri was my absolute favourite. That was where we ended up swimming with Gracie Fields - what a gorgeous time we had.”

The key to a long and happy marriage is to give each other hell every chance you get. That’s certainly what we did and it kept us young, we were great friends.There is no need to live too carefully, having smoked socially until I was 70 and I still enjoying a drink. I have a sweet tooth too and my favourite meal is cottage pie, which I make myself." Ralph's secret to long life? “That’s easy, stay active and stay interested.

In 1903 when Ralph was born. The original Ford Model A the first car to be made by Ford Motor Company was produced. British comedian and actor Bob Hope was born. The Wright brothers took their first flight.


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