Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Has the IWA lost the plot!

Victor on Narrowboat World has taken a good old swipe at the IWA (Inland Waterways Association). Now that the IWA has thrown in its lot with CaRT and appears to all intents and purposes to be acting as a CaRT stooge. Is there a future for and is there any relevance in, being a member of the IWA. 

With the revelation that the IWA has at the behest of CaRT been employing its members to snoop on fellow boaters. As some sort of covert branch of the CaRT enforcement team. Is this something appropriate, is it proportionate, is it acceptable or is it morally repugnant. Read the Story Here.

Now call me old and cynical, but I believe that any association such as the IWA should be holding any controlling body such as CaRT answerable to its members. I know that the snooping revelations have caused some discord in IWA ranks. Its been reported that some IWA members are on a point of principal voting with their feet by not renewing their membership. 

This follows on under the cloud of the IWA hijack of the voting process for independent boaters to stand as reps to CaRT. This in turn was followed by a Memorandum of Understanding - which takes away any last vestige of independence of the IWA from CaRT. How could the IWA lay claim to be the representation of boaters without fear or favour.

So I wonder what are the limits of the snooping being done by the IWA vigilantes. Do they when acting as IWA vigilantes actually snoop on behalf of CaRT on other IWA members. Are there any other deals being done behind closed doors. The lid would seem to be off the can-of-worms.

On a Different Tack. - Did you know that tomorrow on the 10 January 2013, London underground railway system celebrates its 150th birthday. Throughout this year there will be a number of celebratory events as part of LU150 This is the name London Transport Museum have coined to mark the occasion. There is an excellent website that contains fascinating information about the tube. The website is called Going Underground.

Good News. Robin Evans is to leave the Canal and Rivers Trust. Lets all hope that we can now get someone on the tiller who will steer the charity along the straight and narrow. 


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