Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Toilet Paper

I am a news-a-holic, I watch the BBC for their version of the evening news. More so since the tories a few years back accused them of anti-tory bias. Which I had failed to notice and was so pleased when the tories brought it to my attention.  I stopped buying newspapers a long time ago. Most of the content is utter tripe and, quite often, has no basis in truth whatsoever.  I do like to listen to the odd radio news broadcast. Plus the local radio broadcasts are good for the more local news wherever we happen to be on the boat. I even read the news and weather on my android phone. I have a little news application that lists the most popular items. What I don't read are the "popular newspapers" because they are so full of meaningless celeb drivel. Page after page of adverts and most annoying of all, is that they have the bare faced cheek to call themselves Journalists.

If I was a bona fide journalist I would be ashamed to put my name to most all of this drivel. A quick search around the blog-o-sphere will turn up dozens of blogs that give a much more balanced opinion on most of today's headlines.  There will also be blogs that have a rant and project a very biased view which can be entertaining in themselves.

Take a selection of today's headlines.

  1. Barack Obama gets a second term in office. You would have to be a blind, deaf and mute to miss that one. 
  2. The ongoing Syrian conflict which has the makings of a complete meltdown and the possibility of a widespread civil war amongst the different Muslim factions.
  3. Nadine Dorries (Mad Nad or Mad Doris) and Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire taking parliamentary time out to do - I'm a celebrity get me out of here. 
  4. Pippa Middleton's arse.

President Barack Obama wins a second term, defeating Republican Mitt Romney and overcoming dissatisfaction with the economy. President Obama told Americans that 10 years of war were ending. But turbulence in the Middle East means that military action, perhaps even new wars, will push back on to his agenda.

The British government is to begin talks with Syrian rebel fighters in a bid to unite the opposition to the Assad regime. I love it when we stand to one side and have a stance of non intervention against Assad's military machine. Then the people have a civil war and it goes in the direction we want it to. We now want to help!

Liverpool born lass Nadine "Mad Nad" Dorries has a Liverpudlians chavette's birthright for being on I'm a celeb. As an MP she introduced Private Member's Bills including attempts to change the rules regarding the counselling of women involved and the advocacy of sexual abstinence for girls in sex education. However her saving grace is that she is also an fierce opponent of the current Speaker of the Commons John Bercow, and has criticised and clashed with the Prime Minister David Cameron. Mad Nad would make the perfect partner as Deputy Prime minister for Cameroons replacement Boris "BoJo" Johnson.

Who gives a shit about Pippa Middleton's arse other than Pippa herself. Well apart from spotty faced pre pubescent boys, jealous chavettes, perverts and dirty old men. So that's the Jimmy Savile fan club taken care of.


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