Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Blog Pop

Blog popularity is sometimes difficult to gauge until a good number of varied posts have been put on the blog. Then you can have a look at which posts are the more popular. More interestingly you can also see of the posts which did not get many readers. As we get closer to the 1000th blog posting I can see that my regulars like my more intentionally humorous stuff. 

The most popular post, with well over 1000 page hits is Lurking on a forum near you. Which is closely followed in the number of page hits by part Boating Types. Then there are obscure references such as Using a Motorcycle on your boat. Some popular references to CART and boat related technical items such as Boat BatteriesBoat Batteries II and Boat Batteries III. also have significant page hits as do some of the Wildlife posts.

So how is the blog doing. 

Starting in January 2010 the blog has steadily increased the numbers of page hits reaching to just short of 6000 hits a month by the end of October 2012. Earlier this year I started to record the number of countries that were visiting. As might be expected the vast majority of visitors are from the UK and other English speaking countries. By the time I stopped recording visitor locations and numbers the blog had been visited from well over 100 countries. The Uk accounts for about 50% of page hits. With other english speaking countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia also providing significant numbers.

I am surprised that the page count is so high as I expected that Boating and Inland Waterways would be quite a niche subject matter. Another curious trend is that posts with fewer pictures seem to be amongst the most popular. The last significant trend is the number of comments passed. This runs at around one significant comment for every three postings made. The spam comment catcher seems to have died off a bit as no spam gets into the blog.


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