Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Spitalfields Life

One of my favourite places on the web to tarry a while is Spitalfields Life. It's one of my current blogs of the month. The stories are wonderful and frequently there is a posting that grabs your attention. 
One such posting was about the photographer John Claridge. In John Claridges East End the black and white the photographs are full of atmosphere and will strike a chord with most people.  These are photographs I go back to look at again and again.
In the late 60's early 70's I used to go to Silvertown on the occasional trip from Sheffield with a lorry driver friend Harold Jealous. I remember the docks and the run down streets and buildings. The people were so entertaining and everyone was a character.
I remember so much and yet at the same time the photographs have reminded me of so much of what I had forgotten.  In a way the photographs are a snap-shot of a time that is now lost forever. A photographic time capsule.

Warning: Once you start reading Spitalfields Life time can pass so quickly. 

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Along the Thames with John Claridge

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