Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Dinosaur spotted on the Canal!

I think the Canal and River Trust has completely an utterly lost the plot.....

The trust is orchestrating something akin to a crusade against people that the trust perceives are bending or breaking the rules.  To be honest, I don't have a problem with that - after all its a simple enforcement issue. Enforcement is after all not rocket science. So enforcement should not prove to be beyond the reach of the trust.

Continued from:- Hippopotamus spotted on the canal!

Not only have all the compliant boaters now got to get a move on. Not only have all the compliant boaters now got to keep meticulous records of their every movement. You can now add into the mix the eastern European Stasi like spy's recruited by the trust. 

This sad and pointless set of dinosaur 'dads army' recruits, the 'grey granddads' who will now patrol the visitor moorings, watching, tracking and monitoring your every move. Or to be factually correct, watching your every not move!  

So we can now welcome into the ranks the first battalion of the Volunteer Visitor Mooring Rangers. In typical squaddie fashion - the VVMR has also been renamed as 'The Organised Spy Service Early Relocation Squad' or TOSSERS for short. They are already reporting on parade at a mooring near you.

So what of the future. We have a trust that certainly 'talks the talk' but then talk comes cheap. However, the trust is seemingly unable to 'walk the walk' especially when it comes to basic enforcement.

Where the trust priorities include poetry and encouraging graffiti, as locks have now become art installations.  Where protection of habitat and wildlife are now used as an excuse to do nothing at all. Alternatively ban boats from mooring for 14 days as at the recent Shackerstone boat rally. 

Where other waterways charities who want to work alongside the trust - now feel 'short changed' by the expensive and proliferate way the trust have of conducting business.  Where other charities raise a revenue stream from having 'members' the trust does not want a paying membership, just cheap, on a whim, here today and gone tomorrow friends. After all, trust members might want to question what happens on the waterways.  Such as why the infrastructure continues to deteriorate year on year. 

Is it me or are the denizens of Ivory Towers unable to wake up and smell the coffee. Or maybe they are consuming far to much of Columbia's finest export. I don't know of a better way of measuring customer satisfaction with the trust - than to listen to the peoples opinion. I think that the trust believe that boaters are revolting - they may well soon find that belief to be another unintended consequence.

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