Thursday, 9 October 2014

Here is the canal shipping forcast

Good morning and now, before the dire news of the day. 
Here is the Inland Waterways Shipping Forecast
Issued by the Cyclonic Augmented Rain Trust.

General situation, synopsis update for the week ahead.

Ashby, North Oxford South Oxford - low water, deepening later.
Lancaster, Kennet, Avon, high pressure over visitor moorings.
Birmingham and Fazley, broken paddles, deepening depression.
Thames, Humber, Severn, Mersey, fresh water turning salty later.
Mooring storms imminent to severe in Birmingham Canal Navigations.
Deep low on the Grand Onion Canal, stale; becoming suffocating.
Southwick Canal gale warming, restless, three or four, sunshine later.
 Staffordshire and Worcestershire atmosphere frosty, veering suggestively.
 Dogging, Rochdale nine, easterly, gayle seven building to severe gall twelve.
CaRT friends sea sickness blight, variable – later slight, or imaginary.
ACC  variable, decreasing untenable, becoming inconsequential.
IWA figures variable, back-peddling becoming untenable.
CaRT joke mileage, slight, later increasing,  falling credibility.
 end of forecast imminent.
That was the Shipping Forecast for 1200 hours, 
Thursday 9th October.

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