Friday, 22 June 2012

Heart warming childhood stories

Minister for Funny Walks

Edukation-secretary Michael Gove (Tipped to replace Cameroon) is frigging about with the school curriculum - well he has nothing else to do. To the Conservative half of the coalition government it helps to keep him quiet. To the Liberal contingent it was a surprise that he had come up with something at all. 

In my early school days, there were a small group of children who always sat at the back of the class. They played with the raffia to keep them quiet. Gove's idea is the modern equivalent.

One school the Discovery Academy in Staffordshire it seems is also looking at what to do with the little ones who are different. The Academy encouraged a pupil to write a 'suicide note' The Acadamy has since apologised for being found out. 

The pupil was told in a "creative art lesson" to write to his mother as if he had a terminal illness and only had a few hours to live. But when he handed the note to his mother, she naturally believed it was a suicide letter and thought her son was going to harm himself. 

The letter said: "I am writing this letter to say goodbye and thank you for giving me life and don't cry I don't want you to be sad I want you to remember the fun times and the happy times. I know I have been a pain at the best of times but I am with nan and grandad now." He also gave his Xbox console and games to his father, leaving his mother everything else.

But there is more...

Primary schools are being praised for labelling four-year-olds as "transgender" OFSTED Inspectors have praised infant schools for supporting their cross-dressing students, with children as young as four. A report found young pupils were being encouraged to express themselves and permitted to dress as the opposite sex without judgement. The education watchdog highlighted examples of good practice, such as appreciating “that a boy may prefer to be known as a girl and have a girl’s name and similarly a girl may have a girl’s name but wants to dress as and be a boy”. 

It praised primary schools where “transgender pupils are taken seriously”, and those which had “gender-neutral” environments. According to a report on one infants’ school, teaching children aged four to seven, it found it was doing “excellent work” with “pupils who are or may be transgender”. In a survey of 37 primary and 19 secondary schools, Ofsted questioned 1,357 pupils about their experiences at school to draw conclusions.

Susan Gregory, Ofsted director of education and care, said: “Schools must develop a positive culture so all pupils learn in a happy and safe environment. Teachers should receive the right training and support so they have the skills and confidence to teach pupils about diversity and the effects of bullying." 

Yet, almost half the children surveyed said they had been bullied or picked on at their current school. 

I wonder why?


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