Saturday, 11 February 2012

Independent CaRT Candidate

I'm not going to mince my words about the CaRT election. There are four places designated for "Independent" candidates. However, several organisations have decided to Hijack the Elections by promoting up to five of their own members.

Being sponsored by a waterways group and claiming to be independent is the equivalent of someone standing as a Green Party Candidate knowing that they will be the mouthpiece of the National Front on policies. I have already broached the subject of who is and is not independent in my opinion Here.

So I shall be voting in this order.

  1. FINCHER, ALAN "I am independent, love boats and boating, and am already well-networked with many boaters countrywide.
  2. TIDY, ANDY "Author of “Captain Ahab’s Watery Tales”. Read this blog and see the level of knowledge and commitment.
  3. RUDD, STEPHEN "Appointing the BW senior management as Trustees is not a progressive start." I agree entirely without any reservations.
  4. SMETHAM, TONY "I am independent of all organisations representing boaters."
  5. KELLY, FRANK (FRANCIS) "I am a wholly independent candidate. As a member of Council I will undertake to be an effective voice for the civil liberties, human rights and will seek to address problems of prejudice, discrimination and harassment faced by our community. I fully support the Boater's Manifesto, and Article 8 in particular."
  6. MAYALL, DAVID "Other candidates may be nominated with the support of associations; I believe we are best served by individuals, not representatives of associations." I don't always agree with David but I believe he will remain fiercely independent - and at the same time be a team player on council.
  7. BLUNDELL, MALCOLM JAMES "As your boaters' representative on the Council, my primary aim is to get the best deal for you! I will use my proven professional skills to ensure that the trustees receive sound and accurate guidance, and act upon it, making sure they are challenged on the use of scarce resources.
  8. BROWN, CHRISTOPHER "Endeavour to promote the interests of private boaters and be a voice for their views ."
  9. HARRISON IAN  ROBERT "I am totally committed to ensuring the future of the inland waterways and maintaining them in good condition for boating and other recreational uses. The engineering excellence of the canals, the wildlife corridor they provide and the sense of adventure and romance they bring are immeasurably important."
  10. NORIS REX "I would champion the use of volunteer groups to augment the Trust’s workforce, and support groups adopting sections of the canal system to assist in inspection and maintenance."
  11. SCOTT ROBERT PAUL "Whilst I am a member of several charities and societies, I have no vested interest in the waterways other than as a boater."
  12. WILTSHIRE RICHARD "My aim is to contribute to preserving the waterways for all, whatever our pastimes or hobbies. Walkers, boaters or fishermen appreciate the rivers and canals and all have a responsibility to contribute to their survival."
No one else gets a place on my ballot paper.

This is why!



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