Sunday, 12 February 2012

Boaters Alphabet (S)

This is one of an occasional series of entries into my blog. The "Boaters Alphabet" today's letter is S and is for Swallows and Amazons - The wonderful books by Arthur Ransome which encapsulated a time before the war when life was conducted at a more gentle pace. When stories in a book played such a part in building childrens imagination and within them the desire to seek pirate treasure.

Skiff under sail.

is for Sunset the best time of the day, as the sun sets over the yard arm so our thoughts turn to a quiet beer or glass of wine as well as good food after a long voyage.

is for Story telling of the ups and downs of life. The funny and the traumatic times that fill our life. Stories that get embroidered a little more with each telling.

Retelling stories is a hard life, leading to a need for another beer and another tale to recant. Someone has it to do. Today its my turn. Stop me if I have told this one before.....

Now what did I do with my beer glass.

Scud - To run before the wind in bad weather.
Scuppers - Gravity fed drain in a boat to allow water to drain out and overboard.
Seaworthy - Ability to handle rough weather.
Slip - A boat berth between two piers or floats.
Slip - The loss of efficient power delivery as a propeller spins in the water.
Sloop - A single-masted sailboat in which the mast is set forward of midships.
Spring line - A docking line attached amidships to control fore and aft movement.
Starboard - The right side of the boat looking toward the bow.
Stem - The most forward section of the hull.
Stern - The aft portion of a boat.
Stow - To put an object away onboard a boat, to store.
Swamp - To fill a boat with water.


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