Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Boaters Alphabet (D)

This is one of an occasional series of entries into my blog. The "Boaters Alphabet" todays letter is D and my favourite waterways insect the Demoiselle.


is for Demoiselle. These electric blue wonders of nature can be observed flying on a warm sunny day.  Swooping low over the water and chasing each other away.  Not to be confused with the dragonfly, these insects can fold their wings. Observing nature is not easy. Its a hard life, someone has it to do, today its my turn!

Now where did I put my slippers?

Dead Ahead - Directly in front of the boat.
Dead Astern - Directly behind the boat.
Deck - The top part of a boat above the gunwhale.
Displacement - The weight of water displaced by a floating vessel.
Dock - An area intended for boats to moor.
Draft - The depth of water a boat draws.
Dinette  -  A small dining area usually consisting of a table and facing bench seats; it can often be converted into a berth.
Dinghy  - A tender, either rowed or equipped with power, used to go to and from a larger vessel.


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