Sunday, 11 September 2011

Summer Autumn Cruise 2011 (3-7)

Sunday 11th September 2011

Wigan top Lock to Dover Lock Bridge.
Day 21.

Up early enough to spot a Long Eared Owl sat of a field fence post at the top of the Wigan Flight. I managed to get a distant photograph before it flew off to roost for the day.

We started descending the locks until it was time for the Formula One Grand Prix when we tied up at about the halfway point of the flight.
Two boats going down just in front of us who insisted on physically locking all the locks even though they knew we were following just one lock behind. Apparently and according to the woman in charge (the look in her husbands eye reminded me of Richard Bucket) it is against the law not to lock up the locks, even if someone is following behind!!!! Two boats who passed us on their way up the flight were happy to leave the locks unlocked for us. They even left the top gates open for us. No doubt Mrs Hyacinth Bucket will have been chuntering at Richard and will be reporting them to BW!!!

Lost my footing when climbing back onto the boat via the gunwale. (mud covered boot) I just managed to save myself from a dip in the canal. It is surprising how you can cling on with the fingernails of one hand. The only casualty was a broken fingernail,

Arrived at the moorings at Dover Bridge at about 7pm. A few people already moored up here and we passed a family in a hire boat moored up for the night just before Dover Lock Bridge moorings. Paid a visit to the pub and watched the US open tennis semi final. Saw Rafa Nadal do Andy Murray up like a kipper.

The bat detector picked up Pipistrelle and Noctule bats this evening.

Daily Total
Distance: 4.5 Miles.
Locks: 23
Swing / Lift Bridges: 0
Tunnels: 0
Pump Outs: 0
Engine Hours: 1871.1

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