Friday 29 April 2011

10,000 hits and counting

Another unexpected milestone has been reached with the 10,000th and counting visitor to the blog. As blogs hits go, in the blogosphere, this is not a big number. In relative terms it is much more than I ever anticipated. This does not mean that 10,000 individuals have visited. It means that an unknown number of individuals have visited 10,000 times.

So, I must be doing something that attracts people to come back. Looking back over the last few months I have spread the main topic (narrow-boats) to include more personal observations on life. That I think is the key. There are a whole raft of BBC types (Boat Blogger's Club) who are covering the subject. I am just one amongst the many. I do however frequently wander off the beaten track then share my thoughts with you all. Humour is a big part of my makeup as I enjoy a good laugh at my expence or yours. I think and hope that this is reflected in my blog.

So where do the individuals collectively come from?

What are the individuals looking at, here are the top pageviews that people read within the last month.

Postings Viewed by Visitors
Boating types you will find on various forums. 79 Pageviews
Lurking on a forum near you!                            78 Pageviews
Boat Battery Maintenance Pt III                        36 Pageviews
Caption Competition.                                         25 Pageviews
Boat Battery Maintenance Pt I                           22 Pageviews
Have you been watching Guy Martin on TV     22 Pageviews
Safety                                                                 21 Pageviews
Observations on life.                                          19 Pageviews
Boat Battery Maintenance Pt II                          15 Pageviews
That sinking feeling!                                          12 Pageviews

Information Pages Viewed by Visitors
Forums, Magazines and eBooks.         66 Pageviews
Infrequent Updates                              10 Pageviews
Why I write this blog.                            9 Pageviews
2010 Topic Index                                   4 Pageviews
The Ships Log                                        1 Pageviews
Miscellaneous Sites                                1 Pageview
Blog Ethos, Disclaimer and Copyright. 1 Pageview

Where are the people located who are reading the blog?
United Kingdom 4,727
United States      1,909
Germany               423
Russia                   264
Australia               147
Netherlands          122
Slovenia               107
France                   83
Ukraine                 73
Iran                       57

I found the last one on the list "Iran" to be quite a surprise. I did not think there would e much interest in narrow-boat blogs in Iran. So maybe I am being a bit stereotypical. Well, whoever you are and wherever you are, you are always most welcome on here.

The crew of Rosie met up with the crew of Wayward Spinner for a bit of mutual narrow-boat admiration. Wayward Spinner is a stunning boat, we came away with lots of ideas for modifications to Rosie. The Memsahib is one of those people who likes to get ideas and also to get me to impement them.

Moored tonight at Sprotborough lock.  We were going to go for Doncaster Town Moorings, but the Memsahib was detained by Asda and other outlets. I have a pair of new shoes, the Memsahib a new wardrobe!!!


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