Sunday, 1 May 2011

May Caption Competition.

This is the second Caption Competition.

Most of last months entries in the April Caption Competition were by anonymous readers. So I was unable to give an acknowledgement in the ships log of who I thought provided the best caption. 

"Top Secret: Irish Special Forces practice Trojan Horse landing tactics."

Was my favourite one - so all you anonymous people our there can pat yourselves on the back.

The rules are quite simple, the captions should try and reflect the water theme. I will be the judge and jury and the prize will be a mention in the ships log. The caption under the picture is our entry but does not count.

Hopefully the May Caption Competition will have you angling for the first spot.

  • Mary's feet had the usual effect on the fish.
To submit your caption Click on the comments tag below. Please use your real name rather than anonymous.

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