Thursday, 7 October 2010

Personal Ad

We paid a flying visit to Rosie at the marina on Monday night. On our way home through Wentworth, we spotted a small dog in something of a distressed state. We stopped and the dog came speeding over to meet us. Weaving its way through moving traffic. All it was wanting to do was to get as close as physically possible. One very frighted and distressed little dog!

We did not realise it at first, but the dog was covered from head to foot in some evil smelling liquid. It was at that point that we tried to maintain a little distance whilst we tried to assess the situation, but it was too dark. So, I picked her up, the Memsahib got a travel rug out of the boot to wrap the dog in. The dog then travelled back home with us, being reassured all the way by Mags.

On arrival, I went in ahead to move Poppy out of the way and to set the shower running. We brought the very smelly dog in, put it straight in the shower. After we gave it a quick wash down. Out of the muck and mire emerged a very attractive white and tan Jack Russell bitch. We popped the dog into Poppy's old puppy cage and set about cleaning ourselves up. Mags had to strip off all her clothes and get them in the wash. Quickly followed by her fleece jacket and the travel rug out of the car etc.

We gave her the quick once over and there was no sign of injury, so we offered her some food - it did not touch the sides. This was followed by a drink, which she had a small amount. Then we popped her back in the cage whilst we fed Poppy her evening meal. It was then time to think about us, so we had to pay a visit to Tesco to top-up the empty fridge. We had the windows down all the way there and back to help "freshen up" the interior!

We already knew that the police no longer take any interest in "lost dogs". So with a feeling of Déjà vu, its back to phoning the local dog warden and paying a visit to the local vet tonight to see if she is micro chipped. The last lost soul that we  rescued, was a cat called we called Monty. The one prior to that was a stunning German Shepard dog called Bonnie who we eventually re-homed with her new found friends Paul and Carol.

We eventually took the dog to the vet and had her scanned for a micro-chip. However there was non to be found! So we have now reported her to the dog warden service in Rotherham and Barnsley which are the two areas close to where she was found. We have given her a short term name - and it is "Doris" that we have chosen for her. It just suits her personality, so Doris it is. We will be putting up a few posters close to where we found her, in the hope that we can find her owners.

So in the event that we cannot find her owners, and Doris has to be placed for re-homing.

Personal Ad: One small, dog and cat friendly, very gentle, fun loving, house trained, boat sized, non-smoker, complete with fur coat and big personality, no baggage. Who would like to meet that special someone for companionship and outings. With a view to becoming a valued crew member.

Since I posted the above - Doris has now become "Aileen" and we have now traced her owners. It seems she was out on a walk when she chased off after something and became lost. Her family are coming to collect her tonight.


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