Monday, 12 July 2010

Paint refurbishment.

I have been and purchased some T-Cut paint restorer ready to give the boat paintwork a good spruce up. The paint has had several coats or Mer and other paint shine protection products used on it in the past. There is a slight discolouration when viewed in a certain light. Its a sort of translucent grey sheen on top of the deep red. A bit like the pale dusty covering you see on fresh untouched black grapes.

Paul and Donella's boat Dunroaming who share our jetty at Tinsley also have the same colour paint. Paul has T-cut the paint back to the original and it looks stunning. Now, I need to cut the paint back to its original state and bring back the boats true shine.  T-Cut has come on in recent years and the manufacturers actually do an almost direct colour match version for Rosie's paintwork. Then I want to go round and touch up a few scrapes and rub marks round the rubbing strakes.

The brass-work on Rosie has been well looked after in the past. Rosie's brass has that great discolouration called patina that can only be produced by weathering and regular light polishing. So there is little more needed than a cursory quick polish of all the brass work.  I will be adding a small catch to the back cabin doors so that the dogs can be locked out of the back deck area whenever required.

Then we will be having our names coach painted to replace the previous owners names as well as adding our home location "Lundhill". Only then will Rosie seem to be "our" narrow-boat.

I have purchased a satellite TV system to install on-board. The electrical control panel has a satellite fuse point already installed. I managed to install a short mast to mount the dish on. However, due to the proximity of trees the Dish has to be at the far end of the boat away from the TV installation. At some point I will install one of those video sender units which will help to reduce some of the cable runs. So when the Memsahib goes off again to Birmingham, I shall be busy doing a few little jobs on the boat.


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