Saturday, 17 April 2010

Found on the web

I came across this site whilst wondering around the web. it's been around since 2008 and is dedicated to Considerate Boating on UK inland waterways.

There is a 21 page Considerate Boater manual in PDF format available for download as well as a Considerate Boater quiz to enjoy. Now for old hands on the cut, the Considerate boater website might seem to be a little bit "tame" But for those coming aboard on a canal holiday for the first time it gives some useful insight.

I found another interesting site, whilst wandering aimlessly around the web.

Some years ago a sunday newspaper - The News of the World - ran a regular series of stories about men and women who helped other motorists in time of need. The only thing I know about the News of the World was its fondness for sex scandals. Which gained it the nicknames "News of the Screws" and "Screws of the World". Here is the canals and rivers version of the same award.

It has nothing to do with screws or propellers.


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