Friday, 20 May 2016

French Letter (9)

A Road Less Travelled
'A French Letter'

Saint Aubin de Pouancè

20th of May 2016

The 'Aires' at Saint Aubin de Pouancè is quite small, with room for about 8 to 10 motorhomes. Though the guides suggest only room for 4. It has a mixture of grass and hard standings. The facilities are quite tired and in need of a coat of paint. Unfortunately there are no showers available. If you come to stay here, you will need at least a 25 metre extension cable and a power splitter. Everyone on site has to share the power from just four 6 amp power sockets 


The weather remained overcast for the evening with the odd light shower or two. However, being located at the side of a large lake, which takes well over an hour to walk round. Which is set in beautiful countryside with its associated small village/town. The wildlife especially wildfowl is quite abundant, with rabbits everywhere. The highlight was watching a stoat pursuing immature rabbits in the long grass.

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