Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Olympic feats.

On April 6, 1896—120 years ago to day the first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece. A lot has changed about the games and competitors since 1896. How much has it changed?
When John Pius Boland attended the first modern Olympics in Athens, he originally went as a spectator, not a competitor. The games were slightly more relaxed in those days: When one of his friends, who was organizing the events, asked if he’d like to compete, Boland thought, What the heck? He then proceeded to win both the singles and doubles in men's tennis and became the first Irish-born champion of the modern Olympic games.
Launceston Elliot was the man responsible for taking home Britain’s first Olympic gold medal. But Elliot wasn’t born in Britain. He was not even born in Europe for that matter. Launceston was actually from India! But as India was part of our British Empire - the medal was technically ours.

The first Olympic marathon was won by a Greek athlete by the name of Spyridon Louis. He completed the race in just a tad under three hours. As the marathon champion he was allotted one wish from the King of Greece. Instead of asking for personal wealth or property, he requested a horse and cart to make his day job of carrying water to Athens a little easier.

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