Monday, 1 June 2015

A Popular Misconception

There is a popular misconception that if you're too open minded, you are at risk that the bottom will fall out of your world. This is totally wrong, it been clinically proven that its at the other end of the body. If your bowel movements are too open, then it will feel like the world has just droped out of your bottom.

It is much the same with CaRT. I'm often left wondering who thinks up the business strategy. And that the thought processes might also be using the anatomically wrong end of the body.  Now after all the recent hype has been swept aside. After all the smoke and mirrors has cleared. It seems that those wonderful well paid people. Living in the world of CaRTenomics have engineered an additional £58 million loss. 

This reminds me of the Irish shop steward who after many months of negotiations with the employers came back to report on his successes with the deliberations with the human resources department. I have some good news and I have some bad news he says. First the bad news. Due to the down turn and the poor performance of the business. There will have to be a 10% pay cut across the board of the whole workforce below the foreman level.  However, I have some good news, I have managed to get the pay cut backdated 12 months.

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