Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Constant Cruisers -v- Brasso Polishers

I have a terrible secret to share, I am hoping that coming out and giving voice to my concerns will help to heal my already troubled conscience. I have recently found it increasingly more and more difficult to contain my complete indifference to the issue of Constant Cruisers -v- Brasso Polishers. 

However, yesterday I caught myself looking at this.... 

Could I be going over to the dark side?

Its late in the afternoon - its been pissing down all day. I thought, its time for a refreshing walk along the towpath with the dog. It turned into a 5 mile yomp through puddles of standing water and trying to avoid the thick cloying mud. All churned to a fine consistency by those wonderful towpath - pocket rockets - on their mountain bikes.

What is is with these volunteer lockies - approaching lock and someone opens the gate. I get inside and the gates a then closed behind me. I look up to see a couple of smiling faces, wearing a life preserver, having the temerity to give me the thumbs up sign. Do these volunteers know about the joy of watching the wife have a good muscle building strain against a grudging lock gate. Have they ever experienced the joy of watching her suck a grazed knuckle from using a long throw windlass. A boat tool which she has perfected the use of over the last 5 years. 

Now I'm told that they will ring ahead to have the next lock set ready..... what will I be able to moan about. 

Its most unfair... I.. I... I... 

Dear CaRT 

Just stop it!

Disillusioned of Wherever

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