Friday, 3 April 2015

Dream on!

Am I a dreamer, most definitely yes, but only in the sense of what are referred to as pipe dreams.  I pipe dream about a new boat with an enhanced layout. One  that might be a more comfortable fit with our needs. This sort of insight only comes with the experience of having owned a boat for a while. I have for some time been thinking about boating abroad maybe even moving 'Rosie' across the channel and cruising there for a few years.

Pipe dreams aside, I am one of those people who know that they have dreams while asleep. But in my case I usually remember very little about them when I awake. I sometimes have a vague recollection of dreaming but I don't remember much if anything at all. Someone once said that to remember the detail of a dream and the more vivid the memory of the dream was. Is a sign of the importance of the issue that you were dreaming about. So I must have little of any importance going on in life. 

Well, last night I was cruising around on the European waterways in France, I remember all sorts of details about the experience.  Generally it was a very enjoyable time. Warm sun and dappled shade. However, we were not on Rosie but on a Dutch Barge called 'Wee Bird'.  Now, the name wee bird (little bird) I understand - it was a name that we used for our recently departed dog Abbey. The bit I don't understand is - when we left the UK in January to go to Spain. It tipped down with rain all the way through France. When we came back a few days ago It tipped down with rain all the way back. You might have expected that the experience of bad weather to play a part. 

So now, I am thinking of doing the various courses to be able to skipper a boat on the European waterways. Maybe arrange a break and hire a boat over there for a while.  Watch this space or will it be just - dream on.

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