Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Draconian and disproportionate.

I found the article by Allan Richards (NABO slams CaRT's T&C's ) to be a good warning to all boat owners. 

Draconian and disproportionate.
I had hoped that the furore over towpath evictions conducted by CaRT and the resulting bad publicity was a thing of the past. However, the latest iteration of guidelines (for boaters without a home mooring) seemingly intended as an act changing addendum to Primary Legislation, that has worked flawlessly for 20 years, beggars belief. Changes that seem hell bent on creating a culture where further towpath evictions can be threatened as a consequence. No boater will be exempt from such draconian and disproportionate actions. Many like me will feel that I am only agreeing to the terms and conditions under duress.

Some good news
There is only one item of good news. NABO's unequivocal no nonsense repudiation of the changes being made. This is a sign that there is at long last a strong boaters association. One who will represent all boaters without fear or favour. NABO is certainly a good association for all boat owners (either those with or without a mooring - live aboard or leisure) to become members of.

Failing memory
There are associations that have forgotten their history and jumped into bed with the trust. I can't help but feel sorry for their older members who will remember their once proud history that has been usurped. The old grandees must be revolving at high speed in their graves.

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