Saturday, 14 March 2015

Unilaterally long term moored

The more I look at what CaRT is trying to do with boaters who have unilaterally long term moored in London. The more I have come to realise that the politicians who hold the purse strings will oppose the idea of uprooting so many families. I would imagine that if all the boaters who the trust want to make homeless. Were to make an application to the various authorities for emergency accommodation. We will see an edict quickly issued from on high. Politicians want to get votes. They'll listen to people more right now than at any other time.

So why is there all this Chutzpah and false posturing going on. 

I believe it is a distraction from the appallingly piss poor performance of the trust in many areas.  There are millions of people with more facebook friends than the trust has paying friends. So much for the pie in the sky targets that have crashed and burned along with the chuggers. 

Other deflections from scrutiny have been the promise of openness, honesty and transparency. Which have been turned out to be closed minds, dishonest intentions and opaque attitudes pervading from the top. Waterways partnerships are yet another part of the smoke and mirrors providing further distraction from the real issues. Why would any charity pay out millions of our money for a system that has failed on a spectacular scale.  

Then there is the permanent lack of sufficient maintenance. Year on year throughout the cruising season we see increasing numbers of unplanned stoppage after stoppage. Which closes section after section of the inland waterways for navigation. All this is as a direct result of the continuation of piss poor maintenance dating back to British Waterways days.

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