Thursday, 9 August 2012

I am peeved with myself!

I am feeling a bit peeved today, over something that I did not do yesterday. 

Yesterday we had a boat pull out in front of us as we left a lock. There was a strong bywash at this point one that tends to push boats onto the famous Shroppie shelf. The best way to treat the bywash is to power your way through.  So we did and then we had to put Rosie into full reverse to avoid a collision. I did not say a word!

For the next couple of miles the boat swings at low speed from one side of the canal to the other. I am thinking, this is someone new to boating. I just followed on. I have been there and done that. So I did not say a word!

Then the boat starts to hug the left hand bank at less than our tickover speed. We are in and out of forward gear. I thought the boat is going to moor alongside the marina. (which is just ahead at that sideSo we chug past with a cheery wave (on the wrong sideI did not say a word!

I thought they must have wanted us to pass as they made their zig-zag course along the canal. Now, that the boat is behind us, it then swings once more to the centre of the canal and picks up speed to match ours. Now, it is steering an almost straight course down the centre.

I had noted that the boat has a good selection of kids aboard. (must be a fertile couple) Boating is a great family holiday for everyone to enjoy. There are amongst the crowd aboard a couple of small boys. the boys are happily wandering around on the roof. The roof is full of bikes and other tripping hazards. The boys were small enough not to be able to climb onto the roof unaided. I thought, I would not let my kids do that. It looks altogether a bit too risky to me. However, I did not say a word!

Then as we passed through a couple of locks the kids are running around on the towpath and standing far too close to the edge of the lock sides. I was hoping than none of the kids in their excitement might trip over a bollard and fall into the lock with Rosie. Again, I did not say a word!

One child is armed with a windlass and now he's wanting to open the paddles. The Memsahib took charge and kept them at bay. Once more I did not say a word!

After that, we left them behind and chugged on until we arrived at Nantwich. Soon we were moored up and I set the boat up for the night. As it was still warm I had the back doors open. The boat we had left behind at the locks was coming. The father and mother figures were on the tiller. But sat at the front on the gas locker with one foot each side of the bow was one of the little boys. Out of sight of both parents and obviously in danger. I did not say a word!

That little chap could have taken a tumble into the water, he would have passed under the keel and then been sucked into contact with the prop. No one who comes into contact with a prop leaves with a few bruises and scrapes. It's been bothering me all night. That's the reason I am peeved with myself is because I did not say a word!

The boat was a Braidbar build, presumably named after the Welsh river valley by the same name. One just south of Llangollen. I hope they keep safe - if I spot them again you can bet,  I will be having a word.


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