Wednesday, 11 February 2015

New Adventure (6)

The Road To Ruin – Whoops, I Meant Rouen!

Shop Until You Drop!

Monday 12th of January 2015.

Our first morning was notable by the strength of the sunshine blazing in through the windows. After all the rain while we encountered while we were travelling, it was a very welcome change of weather. The second thing was that it was very noisy as the gardener had arrived complete with mower, hedge trimmer and power blower. Noisy technology just to cut the lawns and to trim the hedges. However, that was just the start as the gardener was soon followed by the pool man who busied himself cleaning the pool and topped up the level. I tested the water temperature after the work men had cleared off – I decided to leave the pool as an option and to let the sun warm the water for a few more days first. 

Overlooking Denia

So the Memsahib decided to leave them to get on with the noisy gardening chores and we set off on our first shopping trip into Denia. I told the satnav to find a supermarket and we headed for the Spanish version of Lidl. Most of the items that we could get at home in Lidl were there. Often disguised under different names but exactly the same stuff. However, some things like tomatoes were only available fresh and proved to be so inexpensive compared to home as was most of the available vegetables. A huge trolley load of grub that would have cost an estimated £100 at home came to 90 Euro or £71 in real money.

Later we relaxed and listened to a radio station playing non stop music from the 80's and 90's. There has been a change in the broadcast arrangements here and only digital services are now available. The old CRT television could be turned into a fish tank as that seems to be a popular recycle option. New digital TV is now on order!

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