Wednesday, 4 February 2015

CaRT Funding Folly

Its hard to believe that in their fourth year of the canal and river trust. That the trust still not been able to build the foundation on which to build a future of financial self sufficiency. The reason for the inability is patently clear. The public are not enamoured by the trusts performance so far.

CaRT Funding Folly

I'm a chugger for CaRT, I'm finding the role quite tough;
no one is interested in my spiel, I think they've had enough;
if I annoy the punters any more, they might just cut up rough;
they never come to the high street, fed up of all my boring guff.

I'm a partnership chairman, just a joke to make you smile;
ill skilled at raising funds, the boss for far to long a while;
 the creation of a misplaced vanity, for the trust I am a trial;
I'm the answer to CaRT's needs, so its costing them a pile.

I'm no longer a contributing friend, to a canal full of smelly mud;
my finances are better spent, on something that I feel is good;
clean water where its needed, not wasted on a watery crud;
now spent on fighting a disease, is how I feel it should.

I'm a conservation volunteer, used by CaRT to pick up litter;
enough of bottles and dog shit filled bags, I sent the trust a letter;
 hoping that my skills might be used, to help make things better;
but forever to the litter pickers bag, it seems that I am fettered.

Evan Keel

The alternative Canal Laureate

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