Saturday, 2 August 2014

Tour de Towpath

I have learned so much about cycling from the miss-named 'Tour de France' which actually started in England. Which would be much more accurately named as the 'Tour de Angleterre' that finishes in France. 

I have also learned during this period a great deal about high speed cycling along the towpath. It seems that the brightly coloured Spandex and Lycra is representative of how the Wannabe Towpath Racers see themselves.

I have produced a Cycling and Racers Trust (CaRT) coloured jersey guide for boaters and walkers to the high speed Tour de Towpath Velodrome. 

The CaRT first tier of coloured jersey.
Le Maillot Jaune (yellow jersey) is worn each day by the leader of the race calculated as having the least elapsed cumulative time for the race thus far. For publicity reasons the current leader of the race also has his bike painted yellow by the team’s sponsors. 
It seems that the Le Sustrans Yellow Jersey is now the favourite colour of apparel for Team Saga Louts. This is worn by those Wannabe Racers competing in the crush of the towpath pellaton to their place of work.

The CaRT second tier of coloured jersey.

Le Maillot a Pois Rouge (Red Polka Dotted Jersey) is worn by the current leader of the “King of the Mountains” competition. At the top of each climb on each stage, points are awarded to those who reach the summit first, second and third.

Le Sustrans Red Polka Dotted Jersey - is worn by the winner of the 'Cote de Bingley Five Rise' and the Cote de Caen Hill Sixteen Rise competition. Points are awarded for the number of pedestrians bowled over.

The CaRT third tier of coloured jersey.
Le Maillot Vert (Green Jersey) is awarded to the current leader of the “Points Competition” It is awarded daily to the rider who has accumulated the greatest number of points thus far in the several sprints which take place at designated places each day.

Le Sustrans Green Jersey is worn by the rider causing the most towpath carnage to women and children. Le Sustrans Green Jersey with black eye is worn by the rider occasioning carnage towards men.

The CaRT fourth tier of coloured jersey.

Le Maillot Blanc (White Jersey) The White Jersey is awarded each day to the leader of the Young Rider category, who has the minimum elapsed total time.
Le Sustrans White Jersey is awarded to the young rider category for the fastest run to school each day along the towpath.
So now you know what to look out for!

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