Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Archoil AR6200

I have been using a Marine 16 Biocide for several years as a preventative against diesel bug. In that time I have never having had a single problem with diesel bug. But I wanted to find an additive that would improve the life of diesel when stored in my boat over the winter. Diesel fuel is estimated to be 35% degraded by the time it reaches the suppliers storage tanks. 

During my search on the internet, I discovered a product called AR6200 which won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. It has been engineered to for use in all fuel types including petrol, straight and bio diesel fuels and even central heating oil. It is completely soluble in all fuel oils and can be added directly to bulk storage to maintain and restore fuel integrity. It is also a perfect additive for bio-diesel and bio-diesel blended fuels providing an effective lubricity barrier. 

It contains a de-mulsifier which helps to separate water from fuel. With the use of Bio-diesel there is an increased chance of water settling out when the fuel is stored for long periods. It also has a Biocide to control the growth of bacteria such as diesel bug in fuel. Diesel bug needs water to help it grown. A polymerisation retardant which helps to prevent sludge build-up. It also contains a fuel stabiliser which restores and maintains fuel integrity for many years. So AR6200 compensates for the downside of using bio diesel.

It is intended to have a dilution rate of 1 part for every 10,000. So my 250ml bottle should treat around 2500 litres of fuel.  That works out at about 40 full tanks fuel for my boat. I paid £35 for the bottle on eBay. But I also purchased a small plastic syringe for getting the (4 millilitre) correct dosage. 

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  1. Marine 16 Diesel Fuel Complete (rather than the bug treatment version) claims to improve the centane rating and stability of the fuel as well as cleaning the fuel system and preventing bug growth.

    We have been using it this summer, after we picked up some suspect fuel, with good effect.


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