Sunday, 6 July 2014

Ideas (3)

We have a pram cover on the back of the boat which is useful in the warmer months when coming aboard with wet clothes. We can leave things hanging inside to dry off before putting them away.  Coats can also be hung in a small heated cupboard next to the back step to dry, but only if the heating is on or the engine has been running.

Following on from 'Ideas (2)' we also created our own little internal clothes drying / airing room. Utilising the boat stove and some brass curtain rails.

There are winter days when clothes that have been washed will not completely dry. We have come up with a solution  that lets us finish off the drying over night. I ordered up some parts to make a couple of brass curtain poles. Each is about four feet long and are attached to either side of the roof near but not too close to the stove in the saloon. 

The low heat from the stove overnight gets everything very dry. This is idea is  good when hanging still damp items on coat hangers.  Which means that often there is no need to iron the items. They can be folded next morning and put away.

Don't buy the curtain rails from a chandler or you will be paying top price. We found the items on eBay for about half the chandlers price. 

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