Friday, 18 July 2014

Enforcement is the Answer

Most people know that I enjoy poking fun at CaRT, if I did not poke fun, then I would only end up crying into my beer.  So in the spirit of being a bit more upbeat, I decided to do some fractured motivational posters.  As a kid I had a few motorcycle posters on my bedroom wall. So I decided to hang a few inland waterways posters on my blog wall.
Enforcement is the Answer - is the new watchword of the truss. A major clampdown on boaters overstaying on visitor moorings is now underway. All possibilities have been ruled in rather than out. A new stealth boat has been seen cruising the canals and rivers might form a significant part of the solution. I am expecting Greenpeace activists to launch a new 'Rainbow Warrior' in defence.

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