Sunday, 13 April 2014

National Archive Podcasts (15)

I love history at a local, national and world levels. The National Archives contain some interesting records of British Imperialism around the world. There are also important records relating to life in the united kingdom. These records can also be used by anyone who is interested in genealogy. The documents come in all forms. I like to listen to the research outcomes in the form of lectures as the archives come under greater and greater scrutiny. The files are captured in MP3 format. There is obviously a bias towards history and family history in my choices.

Who needs fiction when there are so many true stories of scandal and intrigue? This talk looks at the misdeeds of the members of one family, through records held at The National Archives and elsewhere; featuring fraud, extortion, adultery, gambling debts and much more. Click Here to listen. (poor quality sound towards the end)
This talk looks at the results and effectiveness of the British Special Operations Executive, or SEO, and the French Resistance in supporting the Second World War D-Day landings. Click Here to listen.
Terry Jones, 'Python', historian, broadcaster, actor, director and comedian, has called King Richard II a "victim of spin". Here he sets out to rescue his reputation and lift the lid on the turbulent world of 14th century politics. Click Here to listen.
Nigel Taylor takes us through a short introduction into the records that can be used to trace criminal ancestors. Click Here to listen.

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