Saturday, 1 March 2014

Boaters Weather Forecast Service

The British are supposed to have a preoccupation with the weather. Any lull in the conversation and the topic of choice instantly changes to the weather. The endless parade of storms across the United Kingdom this winter have left flooding, gale damage and even a few deaths. Figures released by the Met Office showed that the UK has had its wettest winter, based on records that go back to 1910. With what remains of the month, and further rainfall in the final days will be adding to those figures. It will be providing conversation for some time to come. 

The Met Office consider winter to be the months of December, January and February. This means that March is the first month of meteorological spring. So the latest predictions are that in the first full week of March, a colder, drier and brighter interlude is likely, especially over England and Wales. There will be an increased risk of frost by night, but daytime temperatures should return to nearer normal. The above is a summery of the first week of March from the Met Office website. 

However, the Daily Mail a newspaper not known for having much going for it. The Mail provides us with a more in depth knowledge of the meteorological conditions, than that provided by the Met Office.

'Temperatures are expected to plunge lower than -10C (14F) as a bitter Arctic blast sweeps in from Sunday, experts have said. They warned the UK will be plunged back into “mid winter” with at least a week of shivering Arctic hell set to cause chaos. It could be the end of the month before any turnaround in the weather with weeks of cold winds, frosts and “significant” snow on the way. The Met Office said a fierce blast will sweep in from northern Europe on Sunday bringing up to eight inches of snow on very high ground. Lower ground could see two to four inches settle with freezing overnight temperatures which will lead to widespread frosts and icy roads.'
Is it any wonder that the British are preoccupied with the weather. 

So I thought I would start my own Boaters Weather Forecast Service and here are my predictions for March. Made by consulting my seaweed, pine cone and Noah's Almanac. However, I also use the latest technology in the form of a Jeff Owen 'analogue weather rock.' I have deduced the following meteorological conditions will be prevalent at the start of the month.

Jeff Owen Weather Rock

Saturday 1st of March: The weather will be Rainy, Stormy, Sunny, Cloudy, Hot, Cold, Dry, Wet, Windy, Hurricanes, Typhoons, Sand-storms, Snow-storms, Tornadoes, Humid, Foggy, Snow, Hail, Sleet, Drought, Wildfire, Blizzard, Avalanche and Mist. During the afternoon it will be changeable. 

Private Eye Cartoon

The Boaters Weather Forecast Service is available for syndication.


  1. Ah, that sounds like a great weather forecast for us boaters and very accurate too!.. Can we have it for our blogs on a widget? ;)

  2. An app for my iPad please?


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