Sunday, 12 January 2014

National Archive Podcast (2)

I love history at a local, national and world levels. The National Archives contain some interesting records of British Imperialism around the world. There are also important records relating to life in the united kingdom. These records can also be used by anyone who is interested in genealogy. The documents come in all forms. I like to listen to the research outcomes in the form of lectures as the archives come under greater and greater scrutiny. The files are captured in MP3 format. There is obviously a bias towards history and family history in my choices.

This podcast demonstrates how on-line genealogical tools and social media generated by family historians themselves, along with records held at The National Archives, can be used to create detailed family histories that bring us closer than ever before to an understanding of the role of the professions within Victorian society. Click Here to listen.
A look at the pardoning process of the early 19th century, and some stories behind the petitions for mercy written on behalf of convicted criminals, found at The National Archives. Click Here to listen.
Audrey Collins tells the story of the crimes that shocked the nation in the 1840s, when a gang used identity theft and fraud to steal money from dormant accounts in the Bank of England. Click Here to listen.
The strange journey of Edward Swarthye, an African in Elizabethan England: from the Spanish Caribbean to rural Gloucestershire. Click Here to listen.

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