Saturday, 14 December 2013

The CaRT Jinx!

Has a CaRT jinx struck again? 

A year ago the Co-operative Bank became a corporate partner of the Canal and River Trust. At the time CaRT chairman Tony Hales uttered the prophetic words: “We are delighted that these exciting partners have come on board as we launch. This is a huge vote of confidence in the Canal and River Trust and recognition of the important role it will play as the guardian of one of the nation’s environmental treasures. We’re looking forward to announcing some of the exciting initiatives we are planning together later in the year.”

The Co-operative Bank and CaRT said that they would work together to provide financial products that will offer people a responsible option for banking and the chance to support the work of the Trust in practical ways that suit their lifestyle.

Now the Co-op bank is in financial meltdown.  The Chairman The Co-operative Bank Len Wardle abruptly put himself to the sword by tendering his immediate resignation and taking responsibility for overseeing the appointment of Flowers to chair the bank. He admitted that the revelations "raised a number of serious questions for both the bank and the group".

The crisis then deepened even further when it emerged that the disgraced former chairman of its bank, Paul Flowers, had quit as a Bradford councillor two years ago after "inappropriate" content was found on his computer. The rev Paul Flowers is currently suspended from his position in the Methodist church, was videoed allegedly handing over cash to pay for drugs including crystal meth and cocaine.

I wonder if Chairman Hales of the Canal and River Trust will be tendering his resignation any time soon?


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