Thursday, 19 December 2013

Podcast (6)

I have written previously about my Apple iPod that I use as a relaxation through entertainment mainly at bedtime or occasionally when I am out walking the dogs. I have found myself chuckling away at a comedy program only to get a few strange looks from people walking the towpath. Now I wear a pair of bright pink ear buds which make it more obvious that I am listening to something and that I have not lost the plot. I find that the iPod is ideal in such situations because of its small size. 

For a bit more background on the ever growing world of podcasts you can read my original posting on Podcasts and Podcasting. Click Here.

So what have I been listening to recently in the digital world of podcasting. Astronomy podcasts are another one on my listening list. Astronomy Cast, is a weekly podcast that is working its way through the cosmos. This podcast not only helps you understand astronomical issues, but how they know what they know. It's led by Fraser Cain, the publisher of Universe Today. In conjunction with Dr. Pamela Gay, a professor at Southern Illinois University and the director of Cosmoquest.

With a list of over 350 podcasts made over the last seven years to choose from. Including recent items such as:- Issue 284 Optics, Issue 283 Stellar Motions, Issue 282 Seasons, Issue 281 Explosions in Space, Issue 280 Cosmological Constant, Issue 279 Hubble Constant, 278 Animals In Space, Issue 277 Orbit, Issue 276 XMM Newton, Issue 275 Isaac Newton, Issue 274 Vesta and Issue 273 Solutions to the Fermi Paradox.
Who knows maybe you might be able in the future to listen to a podcast with the soft dulcet tones of a dyed in the wool Yorkshire cynic. Who might just wax lyrical about all things with good, bad and indifferent aspects that he comes across as he makes his way along the canal.

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