Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Old Waterway Photograph (3)

Collecting postcards, or Deltiology as it is known, is a fascinating hobby. Our recent history has to a point been documented by postcards. It's curious in a way even with all the wonderful advances in technology. It's hard to believe that the good old picture postcard is still with us and still going strong. I did a posting on collecting old photographic postcards. Which gives some simple background information about what is an interesting hobby.  Click Here

This is the third in a series of old waterways postcards. In the background appears to be part of the Anderton Boatlift on the Trent and Mersey canal. The photograph depicts a possible working pair of boats breasted up which includes the 'butty' Aberystwyth. I'm not sure what the motor was called.

Aberystwyth is a narrow butty with a wooden hull, built in the early 1950's She was a towed vessel, built for the Docks and Inland Waterways Executive she operated in the North West Division. She also traded in Willow Wren colours, carrying coal to Seddons at Middlewich. She was the penultimate boat built by Walkers of Rickmansworth. Aberystwith suffered fire damage and needed a new back cabin and replacement planks.

There are some photographs of an early bit of restoration here. Click Here

As the front has been restored and the fire damaged back has been restored. Its beginning to sound a bit like 'Triggers' sweeping brush that has had for twenty years. In that time it's had 17 new heads and 14 new handles.

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