Monday, 23 December 2013

MP's paltry £52.13 per hour pay.

I'm supporting a campaign calling for David Cameron to stop the 11% pay rise for MPs.

A pay rise of this size is the salt rubbed into the wound for disadvantaged people some who haven’t had a pay rise in years. Some of these disadvantaged people are receiving pay cuts, redundancy or even worse.

The current basic annual salary for an MP in the United Kingdom is £65,738. In addition, MPs are able claim allowances to cover the costs of running an office and employing staff, and maintaining a constituency residence and a residence in London. The extra 11% would up the MP's  salary to a paltry £72,969 0r £1,403 per week.

Due to additional allowances it is difficult to calculate the annual salary of an MP, but for an MP with no additional responsibilities, who stays for a single term of 5 years, the MP's severance package will raise the taxable salary by over £12,000 per annum giving an effective annual salary of £77,738. The extra 11% would up the salary to a paltry £86,289 or £1659 per week.

Additional salary is paid for appointments or additional duties - such as the chairing of select committees. That makes and additional £14,039 for Select Committee Chairs. There are currently a minimum of 99 Select Committees. So it could end up being a paltry £100,328 or £1929 per week or a very stingy £52.13 an hour.

Not forgetting that the hard done by MP's can thankfully claim for their incidental expenses, plus qualify for a pension to die for!

  1. Minimum wage apprentice £2.68 ph
  2. The  State  pension.              £2.97 ph
  3. Minimum wage under 18.   £3.72 ph
  4. Minimum wage 18-20         £5.03 ph
  5. Minimum wage 21 +            £6.31 ph
  6. Minimum wage for MP's    £52.13 ph

David Cameron and other party leaders are due to make a decision in the next few months. We need as many people as possible to sign the petition to show that the public do not support an 11% MP pay rise.

Please help and sign the petition here: Click Here


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