Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The 12 Gifts of Christmas (11)

The 12 Gifts of Christmas are the Rose of Arden recommends of useful and practical gift items for boater in your life. For the last three years the crew of Rose of Arden have scoured the world to bring Christmas gift ideas to the boating community. This year we bring a further selection of gift ideas which can be purchased through several corporate tax avoiding multinational companies.

Number eleven in our top dozen of ideas for those special gifts for Christmas 2013 - Is the Rose of Arden - CaRT inspired Cart Desk Tidy. 

A gift idea that was sparked by all the carefully selected and sited supermarket trolley that have been used to adorn the inland waterways.

Following on from last years CaRT inspired floating boat anchor. The CaRT CART brings us all a constant and memorable reminder of our inland waterways. 


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