Monday, 4 November 2013

Lost Locations

I awoke this morning to the first light frost of winter. A light mist swirled with the smoke of several stoves over the mooring. The grass had that slight white covering of ground frost. So today I have a few photographs that you might recognise.
Yesterday I spent an interesting morning browsing through some old waterways pictures. The photographs form part of the JR James collection which is located in the University of Sheffield. There are a few of the photographs in the collection that are of unknown locations. Here are four with a waterway theme about them.
JR James collection University of Sheffield
The above picture dates from prior to 1965 however the location is unknown. It's a wide waterway but certainly not a location I recognise. My first impression was that it was the Oxford canal. I don't know why, it was just my gut feeling. The canal seems to sweep round to the left and there is a light coloured building on the left skyline.

JR James collection University of Sheffield
This photo dates from 1967 again the location is unknown. The houses have that waterway or railway property look about them. This time the only impression is that its a northern waterway. They are gardens backing up to the waterway as washing lines can be made out.

JR James collection University of Sheffield
I have a feeling that this will be an easier one to identify. The photograph dates from around 1978. once again its a wide waterway with a building in the background. Coxed eights but judging by the lack of oar marks in the water seem to be lining up for the start.

JR James collection University of Sheffield
Last but not least this is another wide waterway.  There are what seem to be two boats and a bridge in the background. Plus what looks like a building on the left skyline. The photograph once again was taken prior 1965.

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