Sunday, 1 September 2013

Keep your old camera!

Don't throw away your old film camera just yet. Maybe there is a new lease of life with the DigiPod which drops into the camera in the same way as a film cartridge.

For James Jackson, a 58-year-old professional photographer, a traditional SLR camera represents an almost bygone era of photography. And with the rapid disappearance of 35mm film developers, it seems these relics might soon become extinct. Jackson is attempting to save the camera of his youth with his "DigiPod" campaign on Indiegogo, which is raising funds for the creation of a digital film pod to replace analog film and thus keep the cameras in use.

On his Indiegogo page, Jackson explains: "I wanted the DigiPod to be as versatile as possible in the space available, so there is no hard memory. Everything is saved to a micro SD card, plus it has a mini USB for direct connection to a computer and a built-in battery." The DigiPod is small and versatile enough to adjust to any SLR film camera and even some non-SLRs, and many of the DigiPod's features harken back to a bygone era of photography, but therein lies the appeal of the product, Jackson explains.

DigiPod is going nowhere unless we get 1000 backers, thats the trigger point. From there its all systems go, so if you do want DigiPod to go to production once you have backed Digipod make sure you tell all of your friends about it. You can reserve your own DigiPod for £199 on Jackson's Indiegogo site. He is looking to raise £199,000 with more than £8,000 already raised.

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