Wednesday, 4 September 2013

DAB Radio

I am into DAB and so I have fitted a DAB radio to the boat. With DAB you can tune into all your favourite digital radio stations for a higher quality listening experience. The radio also comes with USB and SD card slots that are included as standard. The main thing is that DAB Radio has virtually no interference, offering amazingly clear sound every time. Unlike analogue radio where you have to tweak your tuner until you find the best signal, DAB radios automatically tune themselves and list all the available stations to you by name.

The radio of choice is the Mutant MT5068DAB which was also supplied complete with a universal magnetic roof mount DAB antenna so you can enjoy digital radio immediately. I can also pop in a CD, or hook up a flash drive or SD Card to the front-panel slots. I can see track information on the receiver's display, and I can use the USB slot to charge my portable usb devices.

DAB / DAB+ Digital Radio, AM/FM-PLL Tuner, CD / MP3 / WMA Playback, Front USB, SD/MMC Memory Card PLayback, Front AUX-In, Anti-theft removable panel control, 4x40 watts max power output, RDS function, White illumination and Includes MAG mount antenna.

I did the usual trawl of ebay looking for a good price, the best being £75 with free postage. However I managed to find one on Amazon for £66 Click Here

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