Sunday 18 August 2013

Smartphone Apps for Boaters (15)

No matter which genre of smartphone you own or choosing to buy. The apps that are available will have an influence on how happy you are with the phone. There are plenty of top quality apps that you can download. However for me There's always a remarkable sub-selection of apps that are totally free. The wonderfully named 'Android' phone seems to have cornered the market in the same way that VHS did with tape systems. Android's open source strategy is the main factor for its success. Being a free platform has expanded the Android device install base, which in turn has driven growth in the number of third party multi-platform and mobile operator apps available.

The down side (isn't there always a down side) for smartphones are that some applications are not what they purport to be. Like computer systems need anti-virus and anti-spyware to combat malware, so does your smartphone. I have chosen to use AVG for no other reason that it is my application of choice on my computer system and works very well. 

AVG Suite:-

AVG anti-virus Anti-Virus and Security. (Free)

AVG Battery Saver and Tune Up. (Free)

AVG Memory and Cache Cleaner. (Free)

With the AVG Android Anti-Virus and Security app you’ll receive effective, easy-to-use virus and malware protection, as well as a real-time app scanner, phone locator, task killer, app locker, and local device wipe to help shield you from threats to your privacy and online identity. Real-time security scanner protection keeps you protected from downloaded apps and games. AVG Anti-Virus also defends against malicious apps, viruses, malware and spyware.

AVG Memory and Cache Cleaner lets you quickly erase and clear your browser, call and text histories, as well as identify and remove unwanted cached app data from both the device’s internal memory and the SD card.

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