Monday, 19 August 2013


Are you like me, and enjoy messing around on your computer. At the moment I am looking at some of Google's offerings for mapping. I find it useful for getting an overview for the times when we are cruising over new ground. One of the things about Google is the map overlays which include the usual O/S style maps and satellite images. Sometimes the street view option is useful when looking for a particular place.

Now there are other site other than google which can present the information in different ways. One such website that I like is 'Wheres The Path' I enjoy being able to see the map and satellite view side by side. The site presents free Ordnance Survey mapping side by side with Google Aerial Imagery for UK Outdoor Pursuits. 

An alternative version 'Wheres The Path III' is available. The mapping tools are different and the capabilities seem to be a bit more extensive. Cursor movement on one map is mirrored in another; you can import GPX/KML files, and also draw features on the map and export them to in GPX/KML format. Overlay multiple types of grids (lat/long and UKOS); toggle a Panoramio layer to see photos taken at locations within the map view.

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