Saturday, 3 August 2013

More on Flying Ants.

Dear Flying Ant Survey participants.

Thank you to everyone who has reported a flying ant sighting. Although the first sightings came early, they continued at a surprisingly steady rate until there was a peak on Friday 26 July. Yesterday we received even more reports from around the UK. I will be very interested to see whether this is the main event over, whether it continues steadily, or whether there will be a second peak similar to last year.

Lots of you have asked about why some of the ants are smaller and some are larger. I have pictures and an explanation here, along with pictures of a queen shedding her wings after mating:

There are also lots of rumours that gulls are drunk on flying ants – I have written about this in a blog:

Thank you for your emails, your records and your enthusiasm. Keep it all coming!

Thank you and happy flying ant day. 

Dr Rebecca Nesbit MSB
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Seen flying ants this year? Please report your sightings!

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