Sunday 14 July 2013

Smartphone Apps for Boaters (4)

The smartphone revolution continues and there are now applications to provide information to make your cruise more enjoyable. Now you can do your bit by recording the locations of Waterways birds, insects and mammals.

iSpot is one such Android smartphone application. (FREE)

The iSpot website is your place to share nature on-line. Now the iSpot smartphone app puts the power of the on-line iSpot community in your hand, wherever you are. You can use it to upload a photo of any wildlife and nature you have seen, or to get help with identification and to help identify other peoples observations, add agreements or just to share comments.

The UK species dictionary is linked to the app too, so use it to have a go at identifying what you have seen and to win reputation points for getting it right!

Use the app to browse your own album of observations and to show your friends what you have seen. Any helpful comments or new identifications from the experts on iSpot will appear right there in your album as soon as they are made … these can often appear within minutes!

As well as getting help with your own observations of wildlife and nature you can also interact with others using the app. You can see what they are observing, filter and explore what they have seen in your vicinity through the “Around Here” feature, and also add comments, give identifications and agree with identifications posted by others.

There are tens of thousands of eyes out there already using iSpot, so check out the photo stream regularly to see the latest observations.

You will need to register with iSpot to use the app and this can be done directly, or by using your existing Facebook or Open University login. We'd appreciate your feedback! 

Use the Android Marketplace or the Forum on the iSpot website to do this. 

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