Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Kindle canal read.

Bleak Water by Danuta Reah is my latest kindle read.

Some people are drawn to old industrial sites by childhood nostalgia. Long memories of a time spent living next to and occasionally on the canal. A time when Britain was still 'Great'. A time when britain had crimson red swathes on the world map. I don't remember the industrial landscape other than as a living breathing place of toil. A place where much of britain's manufacturing expertise was forged in searing heat and choking fumes. The canals had created the original commerce connections and that had been given over to the railways and ultimately to road transport. 

For me the canals were my playground. They were at the time falling into disuse, unloved and without maintenance. Rapidly becoming a forgotten legacy of what made us great. Now the canal is a dark brooding place. With a clinging feel that it is trying to claw back to its heyday. But surrounded by the skeletal remains of the forges and engineering workshops that have long fallen silent. With dumped rubbish and overgrown beds of weed. Its now a haven for some of the last wildlife clinging on to a city life. Its a place where people will sometimes walk in the daytime but never at night. 

Bleak Water is a spellbinding, grim tale of industrial Sheffield with a backdrop of its canals.

Read an excerpt here. Click Me

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