Sunday, 21 July 2013

Canal Books.

Now that I am Kindle owner, I am clearing out some of my large collection of books. However, before I start selling them via Amazon. I have the following nine canal themed books up for grabs to my readers. You can have one or more.

The Quiet Waters By by David Blagrove.
Bread upon the Waters by David Blagrove.
Canal People by Harry Hanson.
Canal Boatmen 1760-1914 by Harry Hanson.
Boy off the Bank by Geoffrey Lewis.
Strangers by Geoffrey Lewis.
Idle Women by Susan Woolfitt.
Anderton for Orders by Tom Foxon.
Lock Keepers Daughter by Pat Warner.

As I clear my collection I will be offering more of them in a few weeks time. You only have to refund the postage or arrange to collect. Leave a comment on the posting with your details. I will not publish the details.


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