Thursday, 9 May 2013

Good deed for the day!

Not the warmest of days, but there was some sunshine as I set off walking down the Tinsley Flight. I had checked that there were no boats coming down the flight from the canal basin in Sheffield. So I was able to turn a couple of the locks on the way down. I met up with Dave the lockie at Halfpenny Bridge and walked down to Holmes Lock where we met up with Kath on Nb Bobcat.

Kath is also a boating blogger and you can find her blog by clicking Here

The showers arrived but were quite light as Nb Bobcat and crew made our way towards Sheffield. We soon fell into a steady pattern of one walking ahead to set the gates and one closing and locking down the various locks. I had to disappear off before we reached the top lock to do an errand. So I hope to catch up with everyone on their return back down the flight.

The dogs are looking very good, a visit to the dog grooming parlour. Which was needed to convert them from winter length, Wooly Mammoth back into summer length Wire Haired Fox Terriers. The Gruffalo also gave me the grooming treatment to the head and beard before setting off for Murcia in Spain. I am now in charge whilst the Gruffalo is away - well between text messages anyway!


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  1. Hey Mr Meerkat!

    Have a great time at Murcia! We're now looking at Altea as a permanent residence. Meerkats welcome :-) Blimey we've got to sell up first..

    Heth the Feth


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